HaveaHeartCampaign.com is an unconventional fundraising campaign that helps public, private, charter, and Parochial schools, along with Parent Teacher Associations ( P.T.A.) , and school districts Worldwide to reach their financial goals to offset educational cost.

HaveaHeartCampaign.com is fundraising that DOES NOT involve the selling of any traditional ideas such as candy, pizza, wrapping paper, candles, magazines, discount cards etc.. IT IS NOT DOOR TO DOOR SELLING.  It is a feel good campaign that works through meaning and Love.  The best part is it only requires each student/child to reach out to only ( 5 ) “Special” people who have made a difference or positive impact in the child’s life.

If your school or organization is looking for a new, fresh and innovative fundraiser that does not just raise money but also raises awareness of others in your community and around the World, HaveaHeartCampaign.com is the right choice for you.

“Fundraising while touching hearts around the World” TM